April 2020 updates


Things I did in April:

  • learned a ton more biology and am now trying to figure out what’s going on in bioinformatics

  • gave interviews to Max Efremov (in English) and to Podlodka podcast (in Russian)

  • published an article about Why We Sleep with Andrew Gelman

    • Also, we now have the official response to my post from UC Berkeley thanks to Yngve Hoiseth who asked them to investigate: "bar omitted from the graph on the book did not alter the findings in an appreciable way ... other errors Guzey cites are similarly minor. Walker transparently refers to this errors in his blog"

      • Gelman: “If the data didn’t matter, then why did you include them in your damn book in the first place? If the removal of the bar from the graph didn’t matter, then why did you remove the damn bar?”

      • unrelated tweet: “why even go to the institution? given enough time, the offender may even conduct their own internal investigation”

Have a great May!



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