July 2021 updates

Hi everyone,

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New Science

  • I’m extremely happy with how hiring is going and we expect to hire a couple more people soon. Do check out newscience.org/jobs if you’re excited about building new institutions of basic science, especially if you have a background in biology. Right now we’re looking for:

    • A person who would be responsible for the day-to-day operations of the 2022 summer fellowship (i.e. on-the-ground coordination of fellows; making sure that fellows have everything they need to carry out the best work of their lives (lab space, materials, social, etc.); supporting fellows in the course of the fellowship, solving whatever issues or bottlenecks they encounter; etc.)

    • A researcher with a background in life sciences who would help us find and evaluate specific opportunities and broad areas of research

    • A person who would organize events (broadly defined) that would further our mission of building new institutions of basic science


  • A 3 hour interview of me by Sav Sidorov. I was told that it was great 🙂

  • Best of Twitter for July (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)

  • Energetic Aliens by Stephen Malina

    Reading biographies and observing friends, family, and colleagues has led me to become interested in what factors drive the variance in cognitive stamina and observed levels of energy between individuals. Identifying the biological, environmental, or motivational factors which produce this difference seems important and neglected. Understanding this is a research agenda’s worth of work, so my contribution will be to draw a conceptual boundary around the idea of an “energetic alien” and explore some (not selected i.i.d.) examples of eminent energetic aliens from different fields, discuss some hypotheses about the energetic alien phenomenon, and then put forth some ideas for how we non-energetic aliens can compensate.